Robot Control

kuka robot
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Intelligent control for rehabilitation
  • Control for grasping
  • Hybrid adaptive and sliding mode force/position control

Handling of non-rigid objects

  • Intelligent robot control for handling non-rigid objects
  • Folding fabrics
  • Manipulation of fabrics
  • Sewing fabrics
  • Human-Robot co-manipulation of fabrics


Robot Motion Planning

motion planning
  • Optimal Motion Planning of redundant or non-redundant robots, single and multiple mobiles
  • Optimal motion planning and task scheduling
  • Trajectory generation under accuracy constraints
  • Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

Metamorphic Robots

  • Design of metamorphic manipulators.
  • Knowledge-based systems for designing of mechatronic systems and devices.
  • Indices for the evaluation of design solutions.

Computer Graphics

Shoe M5
  • Flattening of non-developable surfaces
  • Representation and transformation of object models based on line geometry and screw theory.

Agricultural Robots

strawberry gripper

  • Delicate fruit gripper design
  • Weeds removal robots

Rehabilitation Systems


  •  Intelligent control for rehabilitation


  • Manipulation of microparts 


(to be filled)