Development of an Integrated Software Package for Designing and Manufacturing Footwear Throughout a CAD/CAM System (1997-2000)

The objective of this project is to develop an integrated software package to automate a large number of issues concerning the designing and manufacturing of footwear. Some of the programs capabilities include the digitization of the three-dimensional shoe lasts, the  generation of the shoe design on the three-dimensional surface of the shoe last or on its two-dimensional planar development, the designing of soles and hills, the processing of planar patterns, and the generation of various sizes (grading). Furthermore, the program will be able to connect to a cutting machine in order to cut the shoe patterns. The following diagram illustrates some of the programs functionality.

  diagram-english.bmp (34782 bytes)

Research Group:
  • Assist. Prof. Nikos Aspragathos
    Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Phillip Azariadis
    Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Kostas Ispoglou
    Mechanical Engineer