Haralabos Valsamos

valsamosPhD Candidate




Reconfigurable Robots

1st Floor, Expansion Building
Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics Department
University of Patras
26500 Rio
Tel: 2610-997212
E-mail: balsamos [at] mech.upatras.gr


Short CV:

Harry Valsamos is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics, University of Patras. He received his diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the same department in 2005 after which he initiated his PhD on “Metamorphic Manipulator Optimal Design Methodology”. Among others, his research activities involve, amongst others, manipulator kinematics, manipulator design, reconfigurable and metamorphic robotics, optimal robotic work cell design, optimization techniques, mechanical design, robot task planning, and manipulator kinematic performance indices development. His work has been published in international conferences and journals.

Research Topics:
  • manipulator kinematics
  • optimal manipulator design
  • reconfigurable and metamorphic robotics
  • optimal robotic work cell design
  • optimization techniques
  • mechanical design
  • robot task planning
  • manipulator kinematic performance indices development