Abdel-Nasser Mahmoud

abdel nasserPhD Candidate



human-robot interaction




1st Floor, Expansion Building
Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics Department
University of Patras
26500 Rio
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Short CV:

Sharkawy graduated with a first class honors degree (B.Sc.) in May 2013 from Mechanical Engineering department (Mechatronic Engineering), South Valley University (SVU) and followed this nomination as a demonstrator (teaching assistant) at the same university. Sharkawy received M.Sc. degree in April 2016 . His M.Sc. study at South Valley University was about Intelligent Control on Active Suspension System. In this study, he used PID, Fuzzy Logic and robust controllers for Active Suspension System of a quarter car model to improve the car model performance. Currently,Sharkawy is an assistant lecturer at Mechanical Engineering Dept.(Mechatronic), Faculty of Engineering, SVU, Qena, Egypt.Sharkawy has strong experience in using MATLAB program. He designed mathematical modeling , control (by using PID controller, Fuzzy Logic Controller "intelligent controller", H∞ Controller and μ-Controller) and simulation work for passive and active suspension system. The main objectives were to decrease the vibration of the vehicle and improve ride comfort and road handling. The car performance such as car body acceleration, suspension travel and dynamic tyre load were measured to compare the active suspension system with a passive suspension system. According to the comparison, it showed that the proposed system (active suspension system) achieved better performance and the desired objectives.

Sharkawy has a good command in Mechatronic systems, Robotics, Automatic Control, Artificial Intelligence,Sensors, Measurements and MATLAB. He taught the following courses as a teaching assistant for over two years; Engineering Mathematics,Automatic Control,Engineering Drawing,Theory of Machines, Hydraulic systems, Machine Design, and Vehicle Dynamics. He actively participates in various research areas within the group, which activities are mostly related with advanced/smart applications.He is easy going, enthusiastic, self-motivated and strightforward person. He attended lots of workshops.

Sharkawy has published two international peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals; (International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology, IJAET and International Journal of Vehicle Structures & Systems, ijvss).The papers were concern on PID and robust controllers on Active Suspension Systems for a quarter car model.



Research Topics:
  • Robot Control
  • Physical human-robot interaction
  • Rehabilitation