Nikos Aspragathos





1st Floor, Expansion Building
Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics Department
University of Patras
26500 Rio
Tel: 2610-969409
E-mail: asprag [at]
Short CV:

Professor Nikos A. Asprgathos leads the Robotics Group in Mechanical and Aeronautics Engineering Department, University of Patras, Greece. His main research interests are robotics, intelligent motion planning and control for mobile robots and dextrous manipulation, metamorphic manipulator design, knowledge-based design, industrial automation, and computer graphics.

He is reviewer in more than 30 Journals and more than 20 conferences, member of the editorial board of the Mechatronics Journal, ROBOTICA, and ISRN Robotics. He published more than 65 papers in Journals, more than 130 in conference proceedings and several book chapters.His work cited 822 times (Scopus) and 1030 times (Google Scholar). Proposals reviewer or Jury member in Greece and aboard. Member of Advisory Group for New Robotics Engineering Book Series, ASME Press.

He was and is currently involved in research projects funded by Greek and European Union sources.



Research Topics:

  • Robotics
  • Mechatronics
  • Microsystems
  • Systems Design
  • Computer Graphics
  • Rehabilitation systems