δρομέας Project

    Our line-following Robots family!!!



Line following Robots are typically used in competitions as a way to test the functionality and dynamics of a robotic system. They also come up rapidly into industry and warehouses to replace vehicles on rails and vehicle drivers in many cases.


Within the last 2 years, we have designed and constructed 3 robots, capable of performing fast and accurate line following, using software that we created on our own . The construction process involved 3D-printing and PCB-Fabrication , all carried out in our Lab at University of Patras.

The PCB and 3D files along with a sample line following code are available at the Dromeas git repository.


Dromeas II and III Hardware Diagram: 



Dromeas II, Running @ ITURO 2015 - Istanbul, Turkey :













Our biggest mobile robot platform, currently under construction.

This robot can be used in search and rescue senarios .

Common situations that employs rescue robots are urban disasters, mining accidents, hostage situations and explosions. The robots abilities vary, including searching for victims, mapping the area and localizing itself, removing obstacles, delivery supplies and mecial treatment, evacuation of casualities etc.









  Finding the exit of a "maze" can be a difficult task even for a human, looking at the maze from the top view. 

This is one of the most challenging projects we have been working on!  

Thiseas is a robot able to escape from a maze using:

  • Custom IR distance sensors (to measure its distance from the walls)
  • IR reflectance sensors (to recognize lines on the floor)
  • High precision Motor position encoders
  • Powerful AI Maze-Solving Algorithm (designed and Implemented by our team)
  • High Power DC Motors
  • 32-bit Microcontroller
  • 3D-printed Chasis
  • Custum Made PCB 




Construction :

design.PNG 3dpr.JPG


Testing :



Video :